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Maintaining a proper pH level-the perfect balance between acidity and alkalinity-is essential for sanitizers to effectively kill harmful bacteria. Proper pH also prevents staining and corrosion of spa equipment, skin and eye irritation, cloudy water and scale. When checking pH level (twice weekly is best) here are some common issues to look for:

Problem: Too low (below 7.2) and the water becomes corrosive, irritating to your skin and damaging to your spa.  Correction: Add Spa Time pH Up according to directions.

Problem: Too high (above 7.6) and sanitizer becomes less effective, scale forms, and water becomes cloudy. Correction: Add Spa Time pH Down to bring it back in range.

Problem: Unstable pH levels and water that feels "hard" or harsh-affecting bathers and equipment. Correction: Adding Spa Time pH Stable offers an easy, one-step liquid solution to balance and soften water, enhance clarity and help prevent metal stains, often eliminating the need for most pH balancers.

Tip: Always keep pump running while adding pH balancers. During one application, you should not add more than 1 oz. of balancing product per 250 gallons of water. Retest the next day to make sure pH readings are in range.


Because bacteria enter your spa continuously from a variety of sources-fill water, bather contaminants and environmental factors-and warm or hot water is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, proper sanitization is key. Whether you sanitize your spa water with bromine or chlorine, be sure to check levels several times weekly.


Product: Spa Time Brominating Tablets. Levels: Maintain between 2.0 - 4.0 ppm.
Product: Spa Time Brominating Granules. Levels: Maintain between 3.0 - 6.0 ppm. 


Product: Spa Time Chlorinating Granules. Levels: Maintain Free Available Chlorine between 3.0 - 5.0 ppm. When additional chlorine is needed (due to heavy usage/sun exposure), add Chlorinating Granules according to label and with pump running.


Your spa is generally unable to filter out cosmetics, suntan lotion, perspiration and other bather contaminants, instead building up in your spa. And because they contain nitrogen and are resistant to normal levels of bromine or chlorine and contain nitrogen, they actually combine with the chlorine to form chloramines-resulting in skin and eye irritation, a strong chlorine odor and cloudy water while depleting the chlorine's ability to kill bacteria. That's when you need a good shock treatment to correct the problems.

Product: Spa Time Shock Treatment (can be used in spas or hot tubs with chlorine or bromine). Results: A weekly shock treatment with this product will quickly destroy chloramines and other undesirable contaminants and offer extra protection against bacteria.

Product: Brominating Granules

Product: Chlorinating Granules