spa safety

Spas and hot tubs bring years of enjoyment. They offer an opportunity to spend time with friends and family or to relax and relieve stress alone, while also providing many health and fitness benefits. As with many products, by following manufacturers' guidelines and simple rules, you'll have a positive, safe, enjoyable experience.

Responsible Adult Supervision is Key to Child Pool, Hot Tub and Water Safety
There should always be an adult designated to maintain constant visual contact with children whenever they are near, or could get near, any body of water.

Click the links below for valuable safety guidelines aimed at preventing accidents around the pool and some common sense safety rules to follow whenever you’re using, storing or handling chemicals in or around the pool. It's also smart to be aware of the potential hazards associated with chemical products in general. As with any chemical product, the first and foremost rule is to read the label carefully and follow the directions exactly.

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