Problem Signs & Symptoms Solution
Cloudy Water
  • Spa water has murky appearance
  • Caused by suspended particles that are too small for filter to remove
  • Spa Time Water  Clarifier: Gathers smaller particles into larger masses for removal
  • Add per label directions to clear existing problem
  • Weekly maintenance application of 4 capfuls per 300 gallons of water
  • Spa water contains excessive foam
  • Caused by combination of water aeration (turbulence created by jets & circulation system) and warm temps
  • Spa Time Anti-Foam
  • One tsp. per 200 gallons of water will eliminate and prevent foaming
Metal Content & Staining
  • Spa water has greenish, brown or yellow tint due to dissolved metals
  • Caused by trace metals in fill water that occur naturally in local, city or well water
  • Low pH (below 7.2) & low Total Alkalinity (below 80 ppm) can cause corrosive conditions that leach iron & copper from metal pool components-especially in heated pools and spas
  • Spa Time  Stain & Scale Control: Clears up green water and prevents stains and metal deposits
  • Add per label directions
  • Check and adjust water balance & pH level with balancers
Eye & Skin Irritation
  • Stinging sensation felt in eyes & irritation to skin
  • Caused by improper water balance (esp. pH), chloramines, high chlorine levels, improper sanitation, infrequent shocking, foreign chemicals in the water
  • Check water balance and pH level adjusting with balancers
  • Spa Time  Shock Treatment can be used to shock the pool if testing reveals chloramines
  • Maintain proper sanitizer levels & regular shock schedule
Chlorine Odor
  • Caused by too little chlorine in water
  • High bather loads lead to accumulation of cosmetics, perspiration & other compounds in water-releasing nitrogen & bonding with free available chlorine to create chloramines
  • Adjust pH level to 7.2 - 7.6
  • Add Spa Time Shock  per label directions